Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is an incredibly common health issue. In fact, it's so common that it is much rarer for a person to never experience some type of back pain. This type of pain is so common because the modern worker spends a lot of time either working at a desk in one position or they typically have a more active job that requires significant lifting and moving. In other words, the most common causes of back pain are prolonged sitting (especially with poor posture) and heavy lifting. If you fall into either of those categories (and most people do), then you are apt to find yourself seeking out chiropractic care via your Buffalo chiropractor's office.


How a Chiropractor Can Help with Back Pain

A chiropractor is an excellent place to go when you struggle with back pain. Chiropractors are licensed and experienced in both treating existing pain and help instructing you how to avoid the return of chronic back pain. A few types of therapies or back pain treatment that your Buffalo chiropractor may offer include:

  • Spinal adjustments. This is the primary treatment a chiropractor will offer and it involves the manual adjustment of the spine. Through spinal adjustments, your chiropractor will apply a specific amount of force to improve range of motion and joint function while likewise reducing pain.
  • Stretches and aerobic exercise. Coordinated stretches completed both in-office and at home help improve flexibility and range of motion which can assist in preventing and reducing pain. Additionally, regular exercise is great for strengthening your core muscles, and the more powerful they are, the less you are going to feel strain and fatigue that leads to pain. Your chiropractor will help find the right type of aerobic exercise to assist in healing your back and preventing against future pain. 
  • Ergonomics and better posture. A lot of back pain is caused by poor posture and poor work set-ups. A chiropractor can instruct you on how to create a more ergonomic work station and develop better work habits to prevent back pain from surfacing. 
  • Diet and nutrition advice. Being overweight means you have excess weight your body is carrying around that it was not built to carry. This causes excessive strain and premature wear and tear on your spine and back muscles. This leads to pain. A chiropractor will assist with getting you on the right track with the right foods to a healthier back and a healthier you.

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Living with back pain isn't really living if it prevents you from doing the things you love and enjoy. Contact our team today to schedule a visit with our Buffalo chiropractic care team at West Buffalo Chiropractic and enjoy effective back pain treatment tomorrow. 

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