Sports Injury Treatment

Reliable Sports Injury Treatment

From baseball and basketball to football and soccer, all sports can lead to injury. However, by taking care of your body and making sure to stretch properly before participating in extreme activities, you can do your best to help limit the chance of getting injured. Whether you’re looking for sports injury treatment or you would like to prevent one in the first place, West Buffalo Chiropractic is here for all of your needs. We are proud to offer outstanding chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and corrective exercise solutions to help you feel your best. Located in Buffalo, NY, we are happy to have a very experienced sports chiropractor on staff that can help treat all of your sports injuries. Keep reading to learn more about how we treat these types of injuries.

Reliable Sports Injury Treatment

How We Treat Sports Injuries

Whether you’re experiencing extremity pain, joint pain, or issues with your shoulder or knee, we have medical experts who can get you back in the game quickly. We provide many services and techniques that are focused on your specific needs. Take a look at some of these trusted services below:

Chiropractic Care

When it comes to treating injuries caused by sports, it’s very important to handle these injuries carefully. Our chiropractic solutions help to treat a wide variety of injuries and they can help relieve pain and restore range of motion. Our chiropractor can quickly diagnose your injury, and then offer manual adjustments, cold laser therapy, massage therapy, and more depending on your needs.


If you’re recovering from an injury, then it’s very important to rehabilitate muscles, tendons, joints, and other body parts affected by the injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, these areas of the body become very stiff and weak when they don’t see any movement. Our rehabilitation services help to strengthen your bones, muscles, and ligaments to ensure proper function and proper strength.

Corrective Exercise

Sometimes the best solution to your injury involves proper exercise. When you make an appointment for a sports-involved injury, we’ll probably show you at least one corrective exercise you can do at home to help restore muscle function and mobility. However, if you don’t keep up with these important exercises, you may re-injure yourself or cause another injury, which will greatly affect your recovery time.

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From severe extremity pain to frustrating joint pain, we’re here to improve your health and get your back in the game. We understand that dealing with these sports injuries is never fun, and we know how you’re dying to get back on the field, so that’s why we offer professional services to get your body healthy and ready to play at its best.

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