ultrasound therapy

When undergoing physical therapy, ultrasound therapy is often part of the process as well. At West Buffalo Chiropractic it is not uncommon to undergo this type of therapy when sports injury treatment or auto accident injury treatment is being performed. Patients travel from all over Buffalo to seek treatment and chiropractic care. 


An Explanation Of Ultrasound Therapy

Sometimes the soft tissues in the human body need to be softened. Ultrasound therapy gets into the body and heats up the tissues. The therapy is used on ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. The type of ultrasound used for this purpose is different from the type used on pregnant women and other patients. Two goals are generally accomplished with this type of therapy; one is a non-thermal condition and the other is simply sending heat deep into the human body for healing purposes. 

The Effects Of Therapy On Patients 

The non-thermal effects of therapy performed with an ultrasound are also referred to as cavitation. This effect can be stable or unstable. A physical therapist will perform an ultrasound when stable cavitation is used as a treatment method. This is the preferred type, as unstable cavitation puts the tissues in the human body at risk. A qualified chiropractor avoids unstable cavitation at all costs. 

Applying deep heat to the tissues in the body is achieved by performing an ultrasound, which causes a thermal effect in patients. They increase the circulation of those tissues by applying the heat in a way that decreases the pain a patient feels. The application of deep heat helps stretch out tightened muscles and tendons. A frozen shoulder diagnosis is often treated with an ultrasound. This helps extend the tissue in the shoulder so that a patient can follow it up with exercises that improve their range of motion. 

Uses For Ultrasound Therapy

This type of therapy is commonly used to treat injuries such as sprains, tendonitis, torn muscles, and Bursitis. It is also used to treat injured ligaments and tight joints. In general, any soft tissue injury can be treated this way. Neck and back pains are often relieved with the application of ultrasound therapy. Those who live with chronic pain will often undergo the therapy on an ongoing basis. Simply the act of getting this treatment is enough to heal many people who suffer from common pains. The idea behind it is that it results in more mobility and less pain. 

Visiting West Buffalo Chiropractic

If you live in Buffalo and suffer from chronic or even occasional pain, we at West Buffalo Clinic can help you feel limber in no time. Make an appointment for chiropractic care from our staff of qualified professionals dedicated to offering effective treatment. 



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