Seatbelt & Airbag Injuries

Vehicle safety has come a long way in recent years with the inclusion of advanced driver-assist technologies that work to prevent collisions. When a car accident is unavoidable, airbags and seat belts are the safety equipment that will save your life. Unfortunately, while seat belts and airbags offer ideal head and body protection, they can lead to their own type of auto accident injury in the event of a sudden accident. An auto accident chiropractor from West Buffalo Chiropractic in Buffalo, NY, can help alleviate the most common types of injuries caused by airbags and seatbelts.


Common Types of Seatbelt Injury

Seatbelts are designed to strap the human body snug to the seat so that in the event of an auto accident, they don't go flying into the dashboard, window, front seats, or elsewhere. However, in collisions, the force of the body flying forward and then being restrained can cause injuries to the spinal cord, abdomen, neck, shoulder, and sternum; whiplash is the most common type of spinal injury caused by a sudden car accident. When the seatbelt is not worn correctly, with the top strap across the chest and the lap belt fitted snug across the hips, then more serious injuries may also occur. 

Common Types of Airbag Injury

Your brain and neck are arguably the most important parts of your body. One bad blow to either can prove to be instantaneously fatal. Airbags were designed to protect these critical parts of our bodies, and they have saved tens of millions of lives since their invention. When an airbag deploys, the force of it can cause injuries like lacerations, concussion, facial fractures, and, in more severe cases, spinal damage and possible internal organ damage.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment from a Buffalo Chiropractor

Following an auto accident, it is important to always seek medical attention via your primary doctor or the hospital. Even if your visible injuries seem mild, you may have suffered internal damages or underlying issues. Following immediate or near-immediate medical attention, when you have a better understanding of your injuries, you should also look into scheduling an appointment with your Buffalo chiropractor. Injuries like whiplash, migraines, sciatica, and more can be successfully treated through a number of chiropractic techniques. Contact our team at West Buffalo Chiropractic today by calling us at (716) 248-2825 to learn how chiropractic care can help with your recovery.

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