Headache & Migraine Treatment

Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care

People often seek a chiropractor for common ailments like stiff backs and aching hips. However, at West Buffalo Chiropractic in Buffalo, New York, we can help with a much wider range of body pain. This includes headaches and their stronger cousin, migraines.


The treatment you’ll receive depends on what kind of headache you’ve been experiencing. Three common headache types are tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and migraines. These all have different causes, so they’re treated in different ways.

Tension Headaches

Many people carry stress in their shoulders. This means that they tend to tense the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and upper back when under stress. If this happens for hours at a time, day after day, it can lead to several aches and pains including tension headaches.

Gentle chiropractic treatment, especially when combined with some form of massage therapy, can coax these knotted muscles to relax. Adjustments of the neck and shoulders may also relieve tension along the spine. Your chiropractor may also have some tips for strengthening exercises and relaxing stretches, which should help prevent future headaches.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Unlike the last kind of head pain, cervicogenic headaches aren’t related to stress. However, the intense one-sided head, shoulder, and arm pain can be stressful to experience. These headaches are often triggered when a hidden problem in the neck, such as weak muscles or a misalignment, is triggered by an injury. This could happen when you experience a fall, get whiplash from a car accident, or over-exert yourself during a sport.

Because there’s underlying damage to the cervical spine area, it’s important to communicate clearly with your chiropractor during treatment. We may use gentle and carefully placed adjustments on your upper neck. If long-term pain has led to misalignments of the rest of your back, this will also be adjusted.


These headaches aren’t just severe, they also come with a host of other miserable symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and visual issues. Migraines aren’t well understood by medical professionals. However, in many cases, something may trigger them. Common triggers include insomnia, specific foods, or changes in the weather.

Direct adjustments to the spine may not be that effective for this form of headache. Instead, a cluster of interventions may offer short term relief and long term prevention of future migraine pain. This could include relaxation techniques, exercises and stretches, identifying and avoiding dietary triggers, and general counseling for stress management.

Experienced Chiropractic Care in Buffalo

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